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You have found your way to 4EverGemini.ws, "My Island on the Internet".

This is my "island" away from home where it's so peaceful, and of course it's a place in my mind, but looking at the website and watching the dolphins poking their heads up out of the water and the seagulls flying above... it's very easy to imagine!

I look forward to walking on the beach in my ever-so-comfy Iggly Biggly flipflops and watching the waves and the birds...   Here on the website anyway until winter is over!

In reality I do walk on the beach and although it's winter and cold in my home state right now, I received my flipflops less than a week ago and wore them down to the river. The riverbank is just a few doors down from my home and I walked along the river in them.  AND YES THEY ARE VERY COMFORTABLE!

Iggly Biggly flipflops are made by Hush Puppies and are of quality construction, very lightweight, and are like walking on two foot-sized clouds.  They are wonderful. 

My granddaughter Erika is moving to Texas so I had ordered her pair at the same time as I ordered mine and hers are just adorable - and PINK - her favorite.  She looks forward to wearing them once she moves; her little toes would freeze off here! 


I am so very fortunate I found this wonderful company that has allowed my future to open up in front of me.  This is the kind of business you can do at home while making your own schedule and your own decisions.  

Iggly Biggly is a real company owned by Lisa Middleton, a very successful businesswoman.  She started Iggly Biggly in 2006.

She has structured Iggly Biggly to accommodate distributors to market her high quality flipflops-in-a-bag and giving them an opportunity to earn a very impressive and ongoing income through affiliate online marketing and offline marketing as a practical and viable option.

Lisa keeps her overhead low by bringing Iggly Biggly to the internet and making it possible for all interested to make money online and work from their own homes. 

Iggly Biggly has a fascinating compensation plan enabling distributors to earn as much or as little as they need to.  Please see full details on the main website.  There will be a link below.

It is a practical business with a payment structure resembling the one Tupperware brought to American households in the 60s.  This was the start of a new supplemental line of income for many households and the opportunity for wives to hold parties and earn income of their own with products they themselves used in their own kitchens. 

The ability to earn money from home gave many people a new found freedom and independence that has only continued to grow and still is.

To become a distributor with Iggly Biggly costs a one-time fee of $20.  This is all you will ever have to pay out-of-pocket.  Once you are a verified member you will receive a special coded link to your own replicated website like the one you'll visit and sign up on if you decide to click the banner below.

The link will enable you to give to others so they can visit your website as you did mine, and sign up under you.  This will start building your first matrix of the compensation program. you can find the full details on the website under About the Site menu button at the top.

As a distributor of Iggly Biggly you will also receive the link to the Iggly Biggly Store Site(for distributors only!) where you will be able to order your choice of flipflops at the wholesale price. 

This is 50% of the suggested retail price and will give you the opportunity to double your money on each pair.  You can actually sell them and give people adiscount and still earn a nice profit.

Iggly Biggly is a pay-it-forward company and strongly believes in and encourages all distributors to help others and through the act of helping others will be helped along to your own success.

Join my team today and I will help in any way possible. Please just click the banner below to visit the website.  You can sign up there too. 

Thank you for visiting my website! 












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Thank you again for visiting here at 4EverGemini.



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