Hi, my name is Carol McCrow and I am a 50-year-old work from home internet marketer, author, and ad exchange owner with five websites: 4 text ad exchanges and one traffic exchange. 

I've been working online for almost three years although I didn't actually start making consistent earnings until just recently.

I also am my live-in mother's caregiver for the last four years now.  She is a stroke survivor x 2 and has suffered brain damage as a result and has major difficulties with short term memory. 

Although she is only available for a limited amount of hours per month, it is actually a round-the-clock job that keeps me home all the time.

I am very thankful I am able to care for her and am glad it worked out that she can live me too.

I have four grown children with 4-1/2 grandchildren meaning the fifth is due this August 2010.  I love grandmahood!!

I will be adding more information here and throughout the entire website gradually.  Please check back occasionally for updates.


Again, thank you for your visit and your interest.  I hope you will visit again.

Sincerely and with Best Wishes,

Carol McCrow